COVID-19 Testing Schedule for May 2022

COVID-19 Testing Schedule for May 2022

May 17, 2022

Parents/Guardians,We continue to test our students for COVID every two weeks.  Please help us help your child, by registering your child in advance at the following link:

Once you register your child, you will receive a confirmation code.  Save the confirmation code.  The schools will be sending a form with your child, on the form you will print the confirmation code and have your child return the form to the school by Thursday, May 19.  We need the confirmation code in advance!LES & LMS students will be tested on Tuesday, May 24, beginning at 8:30 AM at the LMS Health Office and then the LES Health Office.  DEC students will be tested on Wednesday, May 25, between 8 AM and 10 AM at the DEC campus (PRC Building).  Students not vaccinated, can attend school in-person, but must have a current COVID negative test and will be tested weekly. If you have questions please call the school your child attends. Division of Early Childhood:  505-552-6544 ​​ ·  LES: 505-552-9200  ·  ​​LMS: 505-552-9091You can also call Ms. Katrina Riley (505-321-8283) if you have questions. Thank you in advance for your assistance in keeping everyone safe.




Register Your Child at NM Health website